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Incorporated in 1998, PhytoHealth Corporation, a member of Maywufa Biopharma Group, was the first drug development company listed on the Taiwan stock market

Since its inception, PhytoHealth’s Chairman, Mr. Li Cheng-Chia, and his team have worked to develop new drugs in compliance with international standards and regulations. All of PhytoHealth’s PHN012, PHN031 and PHN033 have been scrutinized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have obtained approvals for clinical Phase II trials, making PhytoHealth the botanical drug development company with the most clinical trials and investigational new drug (IND) tests approved by the FDA. The strength and outstanding performance of PhytoHealth’s R&D team have contributed to the company’s increasing value, which has earned high recognition from investors.

  • Botanical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API)manufacturing factory obtained TFDA PIC / S GMP approval
  • The PHN131’s pivotal clinical trial has been completed and the data unblended to demonstrate positive result, submit to TFDA for New drug application
  • Was awarded the Symbol of National Quality(SNQ) PG2 Lyo. injection 500mg officially launch
  • PG2 Lyo. Injection 500mg officially launch
2014 【PHN033】was chosen to be the Cross-Strait Drug Co-Development Project
2012 PG2 injection officially launch
2011 Was awarded the National innovation award
  • PG2 injection License issued by TFDA (April, 2010)
  • Botanical new drug purify manufactory inaugurated
  • Was awarded the Taiwan Healthcare Biotech Industries Innovation and Excellence Awards
  • Was awarded the National Biotechnology &Medical Care Quality Award
2008 1st Publicly Listed BioPharm Company in Taiwan (NO.#4108)
  • Was awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Technology Development Award
  • Was awarded the National innovation award
2006 Was awarded the Gold Award for Taipei Biotech Award in Technology Transfer category
2002 1st OTC New Drug development Company in Taiwan
1998 Foundation

Herbal substances found in the international medical field often successfully address unmet medical needs. When their clinical safety has been verified and reasonable chemical, manufacturing, and control processes are in place, botanical products that have shown effectiveness through experience will be accepted more readily, which will increase the likelihood of approval for sale in the market. The development of new botanical drugs is based on thousands of years of clinical application experience, driven by a botanical (traditional Chinese herbal) application determined effective in the treatment of certain diseases. Hence, herbal substances take an exclusively treatment-targeted approach, which is also known as the “disease-targeted research model.” This disease-targeted botanical drug development model is vastly different from the “trial and error” development model of pharmaceutical drugs, which, therefore, is accumulating the attention of global pharmaceutical companies.

A few years ago, the FDA approved this new botanical drug testing and it highly regards the research abilities of Taiwan and China in this area. In Taiwan, the FDA already has approved numerous investigational new drug (IND) applications of botanical drugs. The future of botanical drug development appears promising and the government should support the relevant R&D to stay at the forefront of the industry.

In 2010, PhytoHealth acquired Taiwan’s first new drug designation for PHN012® and invested hundreds of millions to build Taiwan’s first GMP sterile botanical drug manufacturing facility that is in compliance with PIC/S (Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Products) and FDA regulations. This step symbolizes a milestone in the new injectable botanical drug manufacturing technology in Taiwan’s domestic biotechnology industry. PHN012® hit the market to supply major hospitals in late April 2012. Leveraging on PhytoHealth’s R&D strength and Maywufa’s marketing experience, PHN012® is marketed by the pharmaceutical marketing team under the Maywufa Biopharma Group and is supplied to major hospitals across Taiwan to help alleviate severe and incurable cancer-related fatigue syndrome. The use of PHN012® has been expanded to treat stroke patients, and continued implementation of clinical trials by a stroke specialist Medical Center

In addition, PhytoHealth has been certified for two consecutive years by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, making it one of a very few biotech drug development companies to have achieved certification two years in a row. Through its comprehensive global patent portfolio and effective intellectual property management, PhytoHealth continues to accumulate the value of its intangible assets. Because its new drug clinical trials are in progress, many international pharmaceutical companies have approached PhytoHealth to discuss possible business collaborations.

PhytoHealth’s business strategy is to “authorize international pharmaceutical companies to jointly open up the markets in Europe and the US while retaining marketing control in Asian countries (excluding Japan).” In the sixth “Chiang-Chen Meeting” on “cross-strait medical and health cooperation agreement,” Taiwan and China agreed to comply with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards and work together to reduce replication of tests, which actively promotes cross-strait clinical trials and the pharmaceutical R&D cooperation policy. Not only has PhytoHealth created Taiwan’s first new botanical drug, PHN012®, that drug was approved by the FDA for four additional clinical trials. With its high industrial standards and numerous award-winning studies, PhytoHealth is certainly the industry leader in the huge botanical drug market of China, which involves limitless business opportunities and potential.

“Asian leader, Global niche’: PhytoHealth has become the leader in botanical drug development in Asia. It is also a bright beacon in Taiwan’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. PhytoHealth is definitely the first choice of many major international pharmaceutical companies when they seek Asian business partners.



    Sincereness ‧ Originality ‧ Morale


    Credibility ‧ Mutual benefit ‧ Civility


    Steadfast and creative engagement with challenges


    Firming our conviction and keep going pragmatically

Management Philosophy Content Management philosophy (contents and evaluation): Key items for the evaluation of behavior and values
Sincerity Honesty Establish reciprocal, mutually assistive and courteous interpersonal relationships.
Be consistent in one’s words and deeds, and be scrupulous in separating public and private interests to avoid conflicts of interest.
Modesty Commit to the continuous improvement of one’s self.
Communicate with others and listen effectively, while adhering to the principles of openness, transparency, integrity, punctuality, and consistency.
Trustworthiness All promises must be fulfilled without regard to their significance, and one must be able to bear the responsibility for one’s own mistakes. Attention must be paid to quality and the reputation of the brand, and customer satisfaction is always the highest priority.
Creativity Inquisitiveness The first to learn is the first to win; focus on one’s own training, as honing oneself eventually leads to wisdom.
Equip yourself with the ability to provide insights on current issues through the absorption and assimilation of information.
Thoughtfulness Rationally consider all matters on the basis of facts and deconstruct complex problems into orderly and manageable pieces, so that key issues can be identified for the removal and prevention of obstacles to achieve operational goals.
Diligence Do what must be done, and do not indulge yourself by doing only the things that you enjoy doing. Self-scrutiny is the key to achieving progress; the more one scrutinizes oneself, the more progress one may achieve.
One must be mindful of the importance of the original capital and have an understanding of the concept of costs.
Determination Morale Always keep your emotions in check, and maintain an optimistic outlook. Always take the initiative and clearly establish your developmental direction, key objectives, and the order and process for achieving these goals.
Esprit de corps Dutifully play your part to the utmost of your abilities.
One’s personal interests cannot take precedence over company interests.
While it is important to score personal victories, it is more important that the team achieves its goals.
Perseverance Always get to the root of the matter while maintaining a sense of rationality.
Have the fortitude to pursue a task to its very end and complete tasks in a timely manner.


PhytoHealth will continue to improve the development of the new drugs approved by the United States’ FDA. When their development has matured, PhytoHealth will actively promote technology licensing by cooperating with international manufacturers to market the new drugs in Mainland Chinese, Asian, and European markets. With successful technology licensing, PhytoHealth will receive royalties at designated milestones and when the products hit the market.

Because the process of drug development tends to be lengthy, PhytoHealth might proportionally increase its health food or supplement development. For example, if a product were assessed to have market potential and competitiveness during its drug development process, priority will be given to developing that product as a health food or supplement in order to launch it into the market at an earlier date to increase the company’s revenue .


Yili Lee

Executive Chairman
  • Executive Director ,Maywufa Biopharma group.
  • Vice Chairman, Maywufa Co.,Ltd.
  • Director ,AmCad BioMed Co.、Taiwan Incubator SME Development Co.、Maywufa Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and and LOU,TE-NACo.Ltd.,etc.
  • MBA, Rutgers University
  • BBA in Finance, National Taiwan University
  • Director, International Global Corporate, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Vice President,Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank
  • Manager, Corporate Banking Group,Citibank, N.A.


Vice Chairman / General Manager
  • Vice Chairman/General Manager, PhytoHealth Corp.
  • Director, Maywufa Company Ltd.
  • Vice Chairman, AmCad BioMed Corp.
  • Vice Chairman, Broadsound Corporation
  • Supervisor,Maywufa Cosmetics (ShangHai) Co., Ltd. 
  • Supervisor,Lu Te Na Company
  • MBA,Carnegie Mellon University
  • B.Acc., National Taiwan University
  • Graduated from Taipei First Girls High School
  • Product Manager (Sales and Marketing), Janssen Pharmaceutical  Factory of Johnson & Johnson
  • Auditor/Risk Assessment Consultant, Deloitte Taiwan
  • Director, Maywufa Cosmetics (ShangHai) Co.,Ltd.

H. C. Cheng

Director, Medical Affairs Division
  • M.S. Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • B.S. School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Senior Researcher & Project Manager, PhytoHealth Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Associated Researcher, Genesis Biotech Inc., New Taipei City, Taiwan

S. C. Hu

Plant manager
  • Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
  • Ming Chi University of Technology Department of Biochemistry Engineering, Taiwan
  • Sr. Technical Service Specialist, Pfizer Biotech Corporation, Hsinchu Plant
  • Supervisor, Production Technology Development Lab., China hemical & Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.

Huang,Chih Yuan

Financial, Accounting Officer
  • Financial, Accounting Officer and Spokesman
  • B.S. Accounting Department of Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Amcad Biomed Corporation's financial / accounting officer and  spokesman



- Pass the audit of R & D management system by Industrial Development Bureau.


- 【PG2 Injection 500mg】was awarded the 2001 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award.


- 【NatoCleanse】was awarded the 2004 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award

- 【NatoCleanse】was awarded the "Symbol of National Quality,SNQ" by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry for four consecutive years.


- 【NatoCleanse】was awarded the 2005 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award.

- 【PHN021】was awarded the 2005 Taipei Biotech Award in Technology Transfer category

- 【NatoCleanse】was awarded the 2005 Biotech Award in Technology Commercialization category


- 【PDC748】was awarded the 2006 Taipei Biotech Award in Technology Transfer category ITRI successfully contributed biotech investment cases

- 【PDC748】was chosen to be the 2006Indicative cases by CDE (Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan)

- 【NatoCleanse】awarded the symbol of national quality(SNQ).

- 【NatoCleanse】awarded the Taipei Biotech Award in Technology Commercialization category

ITRI successfully contributed biotech investment cases


- 【PDC7483】was awarded the 2007 National Innovation Award

- 【NatoCleanse】got the certification of Heath Food (App. NO#A00092)

- 【PDC748】was chosen to be the 2007 Indicative cases by CDE (Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan)

- 【NatoCleanse】was awarded the 2007 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award.

- 【NatoCleanse】awarded the symbol of national quality(SNQ).


- 【PG2 Injection 500mg】was awarded the 2008 Taipei Biotech Award in Technology Commercialization category

- 【PHN031】was awarded the 2008 Taipei Biotech Award in Research & development innovation category

- 【PDC748】was chosen to be the 2008 Indicative cases by CDE (Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan)

- PhytoHealth got the certification of Taiwan Intellectual Property. Management System(TIPS)【PHN131】was awarded the 2008 National Innovation Award

- 【PG2 Injection 500mg】and【GAP】were awarded the 2008 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award.


- 【PDC748】and/【PHN131】were chosen to be the 2009 Indicative cases by CDE (Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan)

- 【PHN131】was awarded the National innovation award.

- Phytohealth got the certification of Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System(TIPS)

- 【ReyeasCleanse】got the certification of Heath Food (App. NO#000006號)

- 【PHN031】was awarded the 2009 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award in Biotechnology category

- 【PHN131】was awarded the 2009 Taipei Biotech Award

- 【PDC748】was awarded the 2009 Taiwan Healthcare Biotech Industries Innovation and Excellence Awards


- 【PHN033】was awarded the 2011 National Innovation Award


- 【PG2 Injection 500mg】took the praise for Ministry of Economic Affairs in industry innovation category


- 【PHN031】was chosen to be the Cross-Strait Drug Co-Development Project


- 【PHN033】was chosen to be the Cross-Strait Drug Co-Development Project


- 【EnerCharge® capsule】 and 【EnerCharge® Drink】were awarded the 2015 symbol of national quality(SNQ).

- 【EnerCharge® capsule】was awarded the 2015 National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award in Health Food Category


- 【EnerCharge® capsule】got the certification of Heath Food (App. NO#A00319)