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Collaborative  Partners

In its business model, the business development team of PhytoHealth plays an important part in facilitating communication between its industry partners and the internal research team.


In addition, the business development team is committed to maintaining high levels of efficiency regarding cooperation, promotion of bilateral cooperative relations, and ensuring smooth coordination and cooperation throughout the process.

In the preliminary stage of partner selection, the business development team is the first point of contact. Both parties can exchange non-confidential company and product information through this point of contact. After entering into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), PhytoHealth provides additional in-depth information on the R&D of new drugs to help new partners evaluate the collaboration.

Thereafter, at the field visit stage, the R&D team and business development teams work together to provide prospective and new partners with further in-depth knowledge of the products’ characteristics and potential business prospects.

Technology Licensing

PhytoHealth Corporation leads the industry with the most complete R&D pipeline for developing new botanical drugs and drugs with new ingredients. PhytoHealth Corporation also understands that mutual trust, commitment, and fairness are integral to partnerships across cultures. Therefore, it sincerely aims to establish fair and mutually beneficial collaborations with its business partners.

There are detailed information in the "R & D" page. If you are interested about our projects , pls feel free to contact with our business development team