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Corporate Governance

Board of Directors member

position Name Experience & Education
Vice Chairman K. C. Chen
  • ◆Current position
  •    President, Maywufa Biopharma group.
  •    Chairperson, the Biotech committee of ROC-USA Business Council
  •    Honorary directors,TaiTa Jing-Fu Medical Foundation
  • ◆Experience
  •    Chairman & President, Squibb Industries Taiwan Ltd.
  •    General Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb (Taiwan) Ltd.
  •    President, Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations
  •    Director, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
  • ◆Education
  •    B.S. in Pharmacy, National Taiwan University
  •    1980 Executive Program Graduate School of business, Indiana State University, U.S.A
Executive Director Yili Lee
  • ◆Current position
  •    Executive Director ,Maywufa Biopharma group.
  •    Vice Chairman, Maywufa Co.,Ltd.
  •    Director ,AmCad BioMed Co.、Taiwan Incubator SME Development Co.、Maywufa Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and and LOU,TE-NACo.Ltd.,etc.
  • ◆Experience
  •    Director, International Global Corporate, Standard Chartered Bank
  •    Vice President,Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank
  • Manager, Corporate Banking Group,Citibank, N.A.
  • ◆Education
  •    BBA in Finance, National Taiwan University
  •    MBA, Rutgers University
Director Fred Lai
  • ◆Current position
  •    President & Director , Maywufa Co.,Ltd.
  •    Chairman &President, Maywufa Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  •    Director, AmCad BioMed Co.、Taiwan Incubator SME Development Co.and LOU,TE-NACo.Ltd.,etc.
  • ◆Experience
  •    Vice President, Citibank, Taiwan
  • ◆Education
  •    BBA in Business Administration , National Taiwan University
  •    MBA, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Director W.H.Chen
  • ◆Current position
  •    Executive Director of Maywufa co.、AmCad BioMed Co…etc..
President Dr. C. H. Cheng
  • ◆Experience
  •    Vice/Acting President, Development Center for Biotechnology, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  •    Director, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office, MOEA, Taipei, Taiwan
  •    Technical Advisor, Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei, Taiwan
  • ◆Education
  •    Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  •    M.S. Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA
  •    B.S. Chemical Engineering, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
Director WU TE-LANG
  • ◆ Consultant,Chang Gung Medical Foundation
  • ◆ Chairman, Taiwan Hospital Association
  • ◆ Director, Internal Hospital Federation
  • ◆ Director and Vice President, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CCPC)
  • ◆ Director, Chunghwa Yuming Healthcare Co., Ltd. (CYH)
  • ◆ Director,ChunghwaSenior Care Co.,Ltd.
  • ◆ Director,Sino-Japan Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Independent Directors WANG TE-SHAN
  • ◆ Independent Directors, FormosaPlastic Co.
  • ◆ Independent Directors, Zentel Electronics Co.
Independent Directors XU,SHUI-YUAN
  • ◆ Independent Supervisor, Tittot Co.,Ltd.