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Unblinding of study data of another new drug of PhytoHealth Corporation, PHN131, showed successful r


The unblinding of PHN131, a painkiller under development by PhytoHealth Corporation, has been completed. It is found to be capable of effectively relieving postoperative pain in patients. Therefore, PhytoHealth Corporation will apply for another new drug license at the TFDA.

Chien-Hsin Cheng (Ph.D.), General Manager of PhytoHealth Corporation, said that PhytoHealth Corporation is one of the few biotechnology companies in Taiwan to have successfully developed new drugs and be listed on the stock market. PG2® Injection, currently used for the treatment of CRF, is being promoted at multiple medical centers throughout the country.

The pivotal trial for the new drug under development, PHN131, has been completed. Unblinding of the data revealed that PHN131 relieves postoperative pain in patients. However, it will be subjected to inspection, followed by registration at the FDA of the MOHW, Taiwan, to obtain a new drug license, which will be a new milestone for PhytoHealth Corporation.

Chien-Hsin Cheng explained that the ingredient of PHN131 has been available in the market as a painkiller only as an injectable formulation. Therefore, an oral dosage form that is easy to use and has low risk of addiction and physical dependence is being developed. It has also been changed from a controlled drug to a non-controlled drug.

Li Cheng-Jia said that although PhytoHealth Corporation has sufficient funds for continual research and development, he hopes that the government will soon implement the rewards policy for biotechnology and new drugs. He also made an appeal to the National Health Insurance Administration and public hospitals to prioritize new drugs that are successfully developed in our country.