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PhytoHealth Corporation and AmCad BioMed Corporation of Maywufa Company Ltd. have been the focus of


A biotechnology exhibition was held from July 21 to 24 ,2016. Both PhytoHealth Corporation and AmCad BioMed Corporation of Maywufa Company Ltd. participated in this annual event. PhytoHealth Corporation said that, after earning the PIC/S certification this year, the company will actively seek for partnerships in mainland China to jointly develop new plant-based drugs and become a key supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). On the other hand, AmCad BioMed Corporation displayed its “Digital Cytology Analysis System” for the first time at the exhibition.

Chien-Hsin Cheng (Ph.D.), General Manager of PhytoHealth Corporation, said that the new plant-based API refining factory of PhytoHealth Corporation will undergo the “Compliance audits of Domestic APIs with GMP Assessment” this year

In addition to co-developing new plant-based drugs and becoming a key supplier of APIs. Chien-Hsin Cheng said that PhytoHealth Corporation has selected PHN033 and PHN031 from the “Cross-strait Drug R&D Cooperation Project” to complete the clinical trials in 4+4 hospitals that are recognized by both Taiwan and mainland China for conducting clinical trials. This strategy can reduce the need for repeated clinical trial procedures. In the future, the collaboration between both sides can be accelerated and the time to market (TTM) can be shortened.

Meanwhile, Argon Chen (Ph.D.), General Manager of AmCad BioMed Corporation, which displayed the “Digital Cytology Analysis System” at the exhibition, said that the diagnosis of thyroid cancer requires cytological examination via fine-needle aspiration and AmCad BioMed Corporation will assist physicians in determining the malignancy of cells through cytological imaging of stained sections using quantitative optical microscopy, thereby, helping the physicians in interpreting the results. In combination with the commercially available “Computer-aided Diagnosis System for Thyroid Ultrasonography” of AmCad, Cytological Digital Analysis System will become a comprehensive diagnostic tool for thyroid cancer.

Li Cheng-Jia, Chairman of the Board of the group, said that PhytoHealth Corporation is one among the few biotechnology companies in Taiwan to have developed new drugs and be successfully listed on the stock market, while AmCad BioMed Corporation is committed to the development of potential high-grade medical devices. He hopes that the government will implement policies that encourage the biotechnology industry and the National Health Insurance Administration and public hospitals will prioritize new drugs and medical devices that have been successfully developed and approved in Taiwan. This strategy may promote the industrial development in Taiwan.

Maywufa Company Ltd. presented itself at Exhibition Booth 412 of Zone M during the exhibition. On July 23 and 24, AmCad BioMed Corporation, with the help of specialists appointed from the National Taiwan University Hospital, conducted thyroid ultrasonography at the exhibition for the public to experience the “Computer-aided Diagnosis System for Thyroid ” developed by AmCad.