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PHN031 (Osteoporosis prevention)


PhytoHealth PHN031 is a mild medicine composed of active ingredients from local Taiwanese herbs from the shangyao category (the superior category composed of harmless herbs), which are extracted, isolated, and partially purified with patented technology. The ingredients of PhytoHealth PHN031 have been widely used in both food and medical products in mainland China, North America, South America, and Europe. The dried tubers of these herbs have been used in traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the spleen and stomach as well as improve pulmonary and kidney function. According to theories of Chinese traditional medicine, which are different from standard organ functions used in modern physiology, the kidney is in charge of supplying nutrition for the bones and supporting gonadal function.
Osteoporosis is caused by an imbalance between two physiological processes: bone resorption by osteoclasts and bone formation by osteoblasts. From a therapeutic perspective, osteoporosis can be treated by applying drugs that reduce bone resorption, drugs that increase bone formation, or drugs with a combined effect. Presently, treatment of osteoporosis is limited to drugs that reduce or inhibit osteoclastic activity, known as reuptake inhibitors, which are intended to increase bone mineral density (BMD) and reduce the likelihood of bone fracture by approximately 50%. However, some reports show that the rate of increase in BMD is, in fact, only 2-10%, taking place over 1-7 years, which is much lower than the incremental increase required to restore BMD to the pre-menopausal level. In addition, many incidents of bone fracture among females have been treated with reuptake inhibitors. Therefore, the search for treatments that can induce new bone formation, known as bone anabolic agents, has become the new approach, to achieve an increase in BMD at a more pronounced rate with reduced fractures.
PhytoHealth PHN031 has been found to have the dual effect of being able to increase bone formation indicators and inhibit bone loss. Pharmacological studies have shown that PhytoHealth PHN031 has an antiosteoporotic effect, and no adverse effects have been found in toxicological studies. These results serve as a safety reference for human application of the drug. In addition, the drug is able to promote bone formation that compensates for accelerated post-menopausal bone loss.


Clinical trials have been conducted in Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital, and Mackay Memorial Hospital to investigate the effects on preventing osteoporosis among women post-menopause. Phase II trials have been completed, and the technology used in developing PhytoHealth PHN031 has received patent approval from the United States, the European Union, Australia, mainland China, Japan, Canada, and Taiwan.

Notable achievements


Awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industry Science Project Bonus


Agreed by US FDA for the PHN031 Phase II clinical trial in 2007


The certification for Taipei Biotech Award in Research and innovation category in 2008.


Patented for PHN031 in United States, the European Union, Australia, mainland China, Japan, Canada, and Taiwan